St. Catherine Hospital NICU

Our Level II Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offers state of the art technology and services to ensure that newborns with high risk complications get the best opportunity at a healthy life. Our NICU is staffed with specially trained nurses to care for newborn gestational age of 32 weeks and above. 


Dr. Stephen C. Meyers

Prior to coming to Garden City and St. Catherine Hospital, Dr. Stephen Meyers saw the need for newborn intensive care services in southwest Kansas. In the summer of 1977 he and his family moved to Garden City and before the truck with their belongings was even unpacked, Dr. Meyers had treated his first newborn patient at St. Catherine Hosptial. Just like that little boy born in July, 1977 the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at St. Catherine Hospital flourished under Dr. Meyers' care. 

The Stephen C. Meyers, MD Endowed Fund will ensure that the NICU at St. Catherine Hospital continues to provide the highest level of care available in southwest Kansas. By ensuring that education opportunities are available to nurses and respiratory therapists, we can provide specialized pediatric and neonatal care for years to come.


NICU Graduates

Each year the Pro-Am honors a "graduate" of the NICU, a child that is now thriving thanks to the life-saving care and technology our department provides.  This year we honor Brayden Robinson


When it’s your child or grandchild born premature or needing extra help, having the best Newborn Intensive Care Unit at St. Catherine Hospital is the only thing that matters. The Robinson family knows this all too well. 

Brayden, son of Mo and Kasey Robinson, was born 4 weeks premature on November 28, 2008. He was 3 lbs. and 2 oz, and was one of the smallest babies Dr. Strandmark had delivered. The amazing team of caregivers and the latest technology allowed him to stay in Garden City and he didn’t have to be sent to Wichita. Brayden was able to spend his first Christmas at home after being in the NICU for 2.5 weeks with the excellent and loving care of the team.  The Robinson family is so appreciative of the doctors, nurses and technology that allowed them to remain in Garden City. 

Please help us ensure the best equipment and best trained team of caregivers are prepared when the next tiny baby arrives because OUR BABIES DESERVE THE BEST! Thank you for supporting the NICU at St. Catherine Hospital by partnering with the SWKS Pro-Am.

Read our Graduates Story

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